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Let your Hotel tell a story .........

From Rack Rate to Experience Admission Fee:

Transforming  Luxury Hospitality Properties

into Extraordinary Places


Creating an extraordinary place isn't just about aesthetics;

it's a strategic move.

By focusing on your story, you can build a resilient business that saves costs and boosts revenues.

Let's craft spaces that not only captivate but also contribute to your bottom line.

Transform Your Hotel into an Extraordinary Place

We're here to transform your property into a captivating destination for guests and employees alike.


By aligning your values, brand identity, and guest expectations,
we create a truly magical place that exceeds all expectations.

Are you ready to take your hotel to new heights?

Contact us today to schedule a First Talk

and embark on a journey towards making your hotel an extraordinary place.

'Hospitality is a choice, not simply a tactic '

It’s possible to build an organization that does work you’re proud of, surrounded by people who feel the same way. People who care, solving problems and creating connection.

Seth Godin 

'The level of expertise, insights and genuine creativity that has gone into this process for redefining our hotelbusiness is incredible. It's well worth the investment and much more. Judith's knowledge and dedication to excellence are truly exceptional . I'm so glad we decided to work with Magical Places!'

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“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dalhl

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